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The Rise of the Guardians Roleplay Wiki is a RP, based on the movie of Rise of the Guardians and the books Guardians of Childhood.

Summary Edit

When you were a child, your parents told you lots of stories of the legends that roam the Earth till today. Like, jolly old Santa Clause, that goes with his raindeers and slades through out the intire planet and placing christmas gifts under the tree, making children happy. The Easter Kangoroo, ups sorry, Easter Bunny placing the colorfull eggs under the bushes, bellow the trees, next to a plant, and making children go wild, gathering them all in a basket. There is also the Tooth Fairy. When your tooth came out, you had to place it under your pillow and then, in the middle of the night, came Fairy's little minions who take the tooth and replace it with a coin. They then go back to their place and store the tooth inside a memory box. Let us not forget the Sandman, or Sandy who some call him that. He is a very quiet man, a little bundle of joy, and what he is best with, is making children's dreams, giving them good dreams with his golden sand. The last batalion, is named Jack Frost. He is a nature of fun, just going with the flow, having a time of his life and making snow everywhere he goes.

But in order to be seen by the children, they have to be believed in. If they are not... well let me show you. (In a plan, there was placed a child, and next to a child was one of the Guardian's. In a cloud, above the child's head, was said: I do not believe. The Guardian starts to get weaker and weaker, and in some hours his bright colors turn pale, and from that, he starts to fade slowly and slowly till he is nowhere to be seen). No Guardian would be in that position, I know that.

And as so are heroes so are villains. Pitch Black. The Nightmare King. He was once a warrior, then corrupted by Fearlings and now he is the leader of making nightmares. He was the only one who manage making a plan to defeat the Guardians, and in the end, he was defeated by fear itself.

There is also The Man in the Moon, the leader of the Guardians. He shows them their true paths, their centers and reveal them the new Guardians.

As time pass by, more and more Guardians came, knowing each other and helping together, to make a safe place for children. But in that time, also the villains crawl from their lairs and frightening children.

If you want to do something for the children, then hop on to a journey of where the imagination runs wild.