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Daisuko is the dragon king of the color red. He was the sixth color dragon created by Mother Rainbow. He rules over Redland and is plotting a war against Anti, King of Blue.


He is a red dragon with a crayonlike texture for body and a markerlike texture on his head, wings and horns. He has red eyes with purple pupils. His tail is shaped like a crayon. He is very gigantic in size and the largest of the Rulers of Colors.


He is a sadistic and psychopathic dragon who wants to kill Mother Rainbow so he can become the most powerful color dragon. He isn't afraid to kill any other color dragon just so he can become the most powerful color dragon.


Mother Rainbow created Hääz the King of Yellow, Sin the King of Black, Anti the King of Blue, Misty the Queen of Purple, Dal the King of White, and Drover the King of Green before she made Daisuko the King of Red but when she was creating Daisuko, Father Darkness came and took control of creating Daisuko giving him some truly evil and sadistic personality traits unlike all the nice, calm and polite color dragons. When he became an adult dragon he killed Father Darkness, making him stronger than any of the other color dragons. He's been plotting a plan his whole life to kill Mother Rainbow so he can have both the powers of Father Darkness and Mother Rainbow.


Father Darkness (Deceased Father)

Mother Rainbow (Mother)

Anti, Hääz, Misty, Aanaa, Sin, Dal, and Drover (siblings)

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