The date was May 13, 2453. Humans had conquered the galaxy. It was time to expand to the Andromeda Galaxy. They had finally mastered the warp drive technology, and could travel much faster than light-The crew could make the trip in a few weeks. I, the space captain was controlling the ship, altering the angles to account for the movements of the stars, and meteors. And so the shuttle launched.

I was quite good at my job, having done things like this before. But, we had never been on a journey this long-Before, our journeys lasted at most slightly under a day, merely traveling across the Milky Way, and I could simply stay awake to pilot the ship for the entire duration of the trip. But now, we were traveling to another galaxy. And there's no way for me to stay awake for the several days it would take, eventually, I would have to sleep on it. But most of the journey would be across a vacuum of empty space, and so, during those times, I could simply program in a few turns and activate auto-pilot, and the ship would turn at the times I programmed in. "T minus 1 hour, turn right 10 degrees and up 23 degrees..", I began. I put in eight hours of navigating into the program, and went to bed.

5 hours later, am alarm went off. But why? Are we under attack? Did someone just pull the alarm? I rushed to the control panel, to see what was going on. When I saw it, I was in shock. We were headed straight for a black hole. The people on the crew were in panic, as the ship was getting ready to get sucked in! But the route I had programmed did not even go near a black hole, and yet, here we were. What went wrong? How did we travel so far off-course? I desperately and quickly looked through the status of the ship, the route that I had programmed, and realized, it was I who made the error. My finger had slipped and pressed the "0" key an extra time when coding the first hour, and so instead of turning right 10 degrees, the ship turned right 100 degrees. We were far off-course, and it had been this way for four hours. And about to travel RIGHT into a black hole, where gravity was so strong that nothing could escape. I hastily took back manual control, and thrusted the ship out of the black hole. It seems all was safe now, though the trip was delayed by a day.

From this, I have learned a lesson that we all must go by. Even if you're just going to be traveling through a vaccum, double check, no, TRIPLE check each and every turn you put into the autopilot. Otherwise, when you wake up, you could get way off-course.